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To Download these notes please visit the “LECTURER NOTES” page from right side bar and download instantly. These notes has been designed by the highly talented lecturers, professors, HOD’s and Principal from various colleges from all over India.

Maths-2 (MAT21)
Structural Analysis (CV42)
Power Electronics (EC42) - Part-I  Part-II
Control Systems (EE43)
Finite Automata and Formal Languages (CS44)
Power System Analysis and Stability (EE61)
Digital Systems Design Using VHDL (EC64)
Mechanical Vibrations (ME65)
VLSI Circuit (EC 74)
Hydraulics and Pneumatics (ME 73)
Constitution of India and Professional Ethics (CIP 71)
Advanced Microprocessor (EC 54)
Data Communications (CS 54)
Electronics & Circuits (EC 32)
Network Analysis (EE 34)
Fluid Mechanics (CV 35)
Functional English
Field Theory (EC44)
Computer Network-I (CS64)
Information Theory and Coding (EC63)
Logic Design (CS33)
Control Engineering (ME55)
Environmental Studies (CV)
Statistics for Management (MBA)
Digital Signal Processing (EC52)
Maths-III (Mat31) 
Introduction to Microprocessors (CSE45)
Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines (CV44)
Design and drawing of RC Str (CV61)
Mechanical Vibrations (ME 65)
Power System Analysis and Stability(EE 61)
Digital Communication Theory (EC 6)
Kinematics of Mechanics (ME44)
Computer Organisation (EC 4)
Quantative Techniques (MBA 21)
Thermodynamics (BT 42)
Unix Shell and Programming (CS036)
Systems Software (CS51)
Basic Thermodynamics (06ME33)
Structural Analysis-II (CV51)
Theory and Design of Automotive Engines (AU51)
Maths-III (MAT 03)
Mathematics-4 (06 MAT 41)
Process Control ( 06 IT 64)
Data Structures Using C (06CSL37)
Analog Electronic Circuits (06ES32)
Field Theory (06ES36)
Network Analysis (06ES34)
System Software (06CS51)
Modern Control Theory (06EE51)
Computer Techniques in Power Systems (EE72)
Geotechnical Engineering-II (06CV64)
Modelling & Finite Element Analysis (06ME63)
Applied Thermodynamics (06ME43)
Quality Assurance & Reliability (06IP/IM65)
Computer Graphics & Visualiazation (06CS65)
Graph Theory & Combinatronics (06CS42)
Micro Controllers (06ES42)
Signals & Systems (06EC44)
Computer Organisation (06CS46)
Geotechnical Engineering - I (06eCV54)
Food Bio-Technology ( 06BT74 )
Operation Research (06 IP/IM 74)
Computer Integrated Manufacturer ( 06ME72 )
Software Architecture ( 06IS72 )
Programming the Web Workshop ( 06CS73 )
DSP Algorithm & Architecture ( 06EC 74 )
Fundamentals of CMOS VLSI ( 06EC56 )
CMOS VLSI Design ( 08VLS11 )
Software Testing (06IS81)
Advanced Computer Architecture (06CS81)
Analog and Mixed Mode VLSI Design (06EC63)
Analysis and Design of Algorithms (06CS43)
Advanced Concrete Technology (06CV81)
Design of Machine Elements - II (06ME61)
Power System Operation and Control (06EE82)
Fluid Mechanics(06ME46-B)Object Oriented Modeling and Design (06CS/IS71)
Computer Concepts and C Programming (06CCP-13)
Basic Electrical Engineering (ELE 15/25)
Elements of Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics (CV 13/23)
Genetic Engineering and Applications (06BT55)
8086 Microprocessor and Peripherals (06IT/BM 52)
Manufacturing Process - III (06ME73)
Operations Management (06IP/IM 73)
Digital Signal Processing (06EC52)
Analog Electronics Circuits (06ES32)
Design of Steel Structure (06CV72)
Computer Organisation   (06CS46)
Mechanical Vibrations (06ME65)
Signals and Systems (06EC44)
Digital System Design Using VHDL (06EC667)
Clinical Bio-Technology(06BT62)
Geo-Technical Engineering-II (06CV64)
Power Electronics (06EC42)
Computer Concepts and C Programming


    To Download these notes please visit the “LECTURER NOTES” page from right side bar and download instantly.

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