Friday, August 19, 2011

Preferred Books For 5th Semester EC Students

Preferred Books for 5th semester Electronics Students:
              Book Name
           Preferred Author
1.       Digital Signal Processing(DSP)
Chittode as well as Ganesh Rao
for depth follow- Sanjit Mitra
2.       Analog Communication (AC)
Ganesh Rao, Simon Haykin
3.       CMOS & VLSI
Puckknell Douglas
4.       Digital Switching System (DSS)
5.       Microwave & Radar
K Giridhar
6.       Management (EDM)
Tripathi as well as Naidu

NOTE: For analog communication you can prefer the prescribed book or ask your lecturer, otherwise collect some notes from your friends or from your seniors for other subjects also, like CMOS, and whatever you want.
Level Of Hardness: Actually the truth is 5th semester is again easy like your 1st year, means you can easily score in this semester but, when we will come to level of hardness, then  here 2-3 subject, that you need to study carefully is first three subject which are listed above in the table.
For DSP lab: We have provided the link for the downloading of DSP manual  in DOWNLOAD section.

For any further assistance just leave a comment and we will solve your problems.

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  1. Please give unit selection(that are easy to score) for 5th sem EC for all the subjects.

  2. you have still a lot of days ahead in main examination. so it'd be my request to all the students that please read more units, specially concentrate on VLSI,DSP,AC.
    get the previous years question papers with solution(jigar's), it'll help u a lot.

    but if more students will post us regarding the same then we will provide some plateforms.

  3. Can i get what units to study.And i just have 11 marks in internals in dsp please help me score in that subject please...

  4. @anonymous on dsp: i can only suggest you the units which is scoring,if u'll study it, you will get pass easily. so it depends on you whether you want to give time on your study. DSP needs a lot of practices. so just go throughout these units
    it's very easy to get 39 marks friend, if you'll apply a little effort u'll get double of this one.
    thank u. if any more query then plz ask.

  5. Can v explain answers in our own words in management subject?do they give marks??

  6. yeah i think so, but dnt write the points of ur own:)
    write the correct points.

  7. can you post Preferred Books For 6th Semester EC Students?

  8. Please give author names for ec 6th sem...

  9. can u tell which all units to do in vlsi n mwr

  10. wts the algorithm for compression method of jpeg file without any loss

  11. Can anyone provide mwr and vlsi notes

  12. Can anybody please help with the unit selections for 5th sem Telecommunications for better scoring of all the subjects.. We have dsp, ac, cmos, tlw, dss & management... It will be a great help.

  13. Unit selection for all subjects of 5th sem ece


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