Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pre-Placement Profile

Pre-Placement Profile:
Points to be noted while presenting a Resume during placements:
  1. Always use the word RESUME instead of CURRICULUM VITAE as your heading.
  2. Name: As in the marks card.
  3. E mail id: Use any active e–mail id. Try to present e–mail id’s of the respective company if the company provides e–mail services.
  4. Contact number: Provide any active landline number / cell phone number.
  5. Career Objective: Very important. It is a must in the resume. Make sure you know the meaning of the objective.
  6. Academic details: Provide detailed academic performance along with the university name.
  7. Technical exposure (not Technical skills): Provide all the languages and subjects studied. Align the order of the subjects provided, with subjects related to the company.(For eg if the company is CISCO let the first subjects listed be related to networking)
  8. Project/papers published: Even the smallest of projects/papers implemented(published) must be put forth in great detail. Interviewers tend to ask a lot of questions from projects.
  9. Rewards/Honors(Avoid “Highlights”):All the honors received technical / non technical must be put forth .Include Distinction Awards, Co-ordination activities done.
  10. Strengths: Write all your strengths. Ensure that those mentioned are really your strengths.
  11. Personal details: Mention your contact details and other related information.
  12. References: Provide contacts of people you know in industry (university) who know you well and will give a good opinion about you. References of the people working in the same company will be helpful.
  13. Declarations: Provide a suitable declaration.
General Suggestions:
  1. Use consistent font size and font throughout.
  2. Use standard fonts like Times New Roman.
  3. Change objectives suitably

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