Sunday, November 13, 2011

Power Electronics(PE) Lab Viva Question-Answers

Q1. What are the difference between transistor and SCR?

Q2. Explain latching current and holding current of the thyristor?

Q3. What are the advantages of MOSFET’s over BJT’s?

Q4. Why pulsed gate drive is used for SCR?

Q5. Define the delay angle of phase-controlled rectifier.

Q6. Why is power factor of semiconverter better than full converter?

Q7. What are the differences between freewheeling diode and feedback diode?

Q8. What is inverting operation of the converter?

Q9. What are control strategies of chopper?

Q10. Explain the use of step-up chopper.

Q11. What is four quadrant chopper?

Q12. What is the main difference between voltage source inverter and current source inverter?

Q13. What are PWM inverters?

Q14. What is cycloconverter?

Q15. What are the advantages and disadvantages of AC voltage controller?

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  1. very good information.

  2. ans of Qn.13 is wrong.cycloconverter is one of the type of ac to ac converters.

    1. yes you are right.. but little wrong also..!! cycloconverter is one of type of ac to ac converters but it is answer of Qn.14

    2. Thanks guys for finding mistakes, sometime it's typo mistake that you might understand, but here it would make answer completely wrong. so mistake has been rectified. Thanks Vineet and Unknown :-) cheers!

    3. Can you please explain me step up cycloconverter with a circuit


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