Saturday, November 19, 2011

VLSI Lab Viva Question With Answers

Here, we are posting VLSI lab viva question with answers for 7th semester Electronics and Communication Students.You can Download it for free. Here is Download link, it'd in PDF form of 55 pages. There are several other question also in this manual so avoid unnecessary Question, and read only those questions which suits you more according to your lab and lab manual.
It also consists some HDL lab viva questions, so avoid that questions or if you have time then, you can also go through that.
Level of Some questions are very high, so don't read that, as that is for M.Tech Students.
Click on below Download link to Download the Question & Answers For VLSI Lab.

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  1. please i need the viva questions.......

  2. Questions and answers based on vlsi lab is given for the free download link, you can downloaad it for free. It's in .pdf format. Thanks.


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