Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Microprocessor Lab Viva Question Answer

Hi friends today we are posting the Microprocessor Viva question and answers. You can visit the below download link and you can download a PDF version of the FAQ set based on microprocessor, the set contains more than 100 question with answer. As the exams is coming very near and many students wants the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the lab specially for the external purpose. Actually most of the students don't want to give the answer as they don't know, but giving not the answer of even a single question mayn't affect your IA, but same can affect your external, even if you executed the program.
So, in this set we have some basic ques as well so simply go through it, and if it isn't sufficient for you then follow your book.:) But the given ques are more than sufficient. I have searched all over the net for the different ques's answers. so go through it.

By- CityStudentsGroup


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