Sunday, December 23, 2012

Analog Electronics Circuit (AEC) Notes by Arunkumar for 3rd sem VTU

Generally this is subject of circuits, Derivations, Formulae, definition, Theories so, students take this subject as bit hard, but let me tell you, if you have selected your branch based on interest in Electronics, then you are supposed to take this subject very seriously. As from this subject onwards your own branch study gets started, so to do well in this subject you need great attention, you need to go through good books, like Analog Electronic Circuit By Mahadevswamy or AEC by U A Bakshi and most important  speed study techniques , and good external materials, such as Notes from a highly qualified professors and colleges. So here we came with ANALOG ELECTRONICS CIRCUIT Notes by Arunkumar , lecturer in STJIT Ranebennur. His notes are followed by the maximum number of students in the country, because of his way of writing.
This notes covers all major topics and units of Analog Electronic Circuits like Diode Circuits, Rectifier, Concepts of clipper, clamper, Biasing of Transistor and many others in neat and clean way with the old year’s question and their solution included.
To download the notes please click here or on the link given below.

And as always we are very thankful to Arunkumr sir for helping students worldwide. Thank you sir.

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