Sunday, December 23, 2012

Basic Electronics Notes by Arunkumar, VTU

Here we have came with basic electronics notes by Arunkumar for 1st year (1st and 2nd sem, C and P cycle) students of VTU and others.Basically, BASIC ELECTRONICS is not so hard subject, if you generate interest in it. And for that student who belongs from Electronics (ECE) branch or Telecommunication Branch, you shouldn’t make this subject very hard. So, you can LEARN BASIC ELECTRONICS QUICKLY.

For this you need to go for good quality materials, either good Books or Notes. So here we have came with BASIC ELECTRONICS super notes written by Arunkumar, a lecturer at STJIT Ranebennur. This note covers the main units of Basic Electronics, like Communication, Transistor Biasing and more. You can download these notes and other notes for free by clicking on the download link below. And you are always welcome to throw any question or doubt regarding anything.
For more downloads related to your semester and year, keep browsing the site.

We are very thankful to Mr. Arunkumar.

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  1. Why don't you put all 5 or 6 units of Basic Electronics as per VTU syllabus of 2015-16?

    1. Hi Sadananda,
      Thanks for writing to us, very soon we will upload the Notes of this very subject based on new syllabus.


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