Saturday, December 29, 2012

CCP Programming Software, TurboC++

(1)    C CYCLE:
In first year of your engineering you’ll have to go for 2 computer Labs. These two Labs will come in your C-Cycle and that will be CCP (Computer Concepts and C Programming) and CAED (Computer Aided Engineering Drawing). Practically both labs are very easy. But it will be bit tough for you if you are not aware of C Programming before. So if you don’t know about the C program before then, it’ll be better to take subject seriously and do the programming even at your home, below we are going to provide the software for both labs.

Similarly, CAED lab, this is the easiest Lab in all year of engineering and also toughest. If you like doing drawings then this Lab is easy, but if you don’t like the drawing then it’s bit tough. So if you find this Lab hard, you don’t know anything, want to pass, and bla..bla.., then you don’t need to worry about that, as very soon we are going to add video lecture on CAED , we are already under process so, you can expect these tutorials very soon. I’m also wanted to tell you, by viewing this video seriously, you will be able to score marks in between 80-100 very easily, because this is our motto to give you quality materials so that you can understand very easily. The tutorials will be in both English as well as in Hindi. So, don’t worry, keep in touch with the website.

Software for CCP Lab:

Turbo C++
Win XP/Vista/7 (32 bit & 64 Bit)

IF you are facing problem with full screen mode execution, then here is a helpful tip for you.
After successful installing, right click on the shortcut Turbo C++, created on desktop and go to properties. Click on Shortcut Tab and come down to the Run option and from the drop down select Maximize and now select apply and Ok. Now it will work fine in full screen mode in both 32 & 64 bit computers. Watch the Video below for full detail with example of a program.

Now start typing your program and compiling. Let me tell you one more thing, this software runs with an alternative software known as DosBox, so when you will compile the program then, the DosBox screen will arrive, don’t get confused with your lab screen and this screen, simply do the procedure whatever you do in your lab, when that screen arrives.

Here is a video demonstration about How to install and program Using Turbo C++. First of all download the software by clicking on the download button below.

Now watch the video after the downloading and installing the software, it will help you a lot.
Click here to watch the video demonstration.

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  1. We also worked with Turbo C++ in your 1st year of studies with the Language being C. But it's a but hard to manage if your not familiar with the IDE. So, try working with devC++ if your stuck sometime.


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