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Embedded System (ES) Notes for 8th semester Electronics (EC) from IIT Kharagpur

Here is another NOTES for VTU and non VTU students on Embedded System (ES) for final year or 8th semester or earlier semester for EC, CS, IS. This is 724 pages of notes, covered all the chapters very nicely, that is why I have uploaded it. So according to your need you can go through out this notes. Also very soon we will upload notes on the same subject by Arunkumar.
This notes is written in very easy language with examples and figures, which students can understand easily. Let me tell you now only, this is very scoring subject in your external exam, and also if you are planning for M.Tech or any subject specialization then this subject is totally for you, and you need to give attention in this subject.
To download this NOTES either click here or click on the Download button given below.

What are the topics covered inside. We are giving you the detail of topics in short.

Topics Inside the NOTES in short.
-Introduction to Real Time Embedded System (RTES).
-Characteristics of real time embedded system.
-Common architecture of real time embedded system.
-Structure and design of real time embedded system, common example.
-Components of real time embedded system, design methodology, embedded system components.
-Structural layout with example.
-Structure of embedded system, typical structure.
-Architecture of general purpose processor.
-Microcontroller, digital signal processor (DSP), Microprocessor versus microcontroller.
-Input-output devices and interfacing chips.
-Embedded processors and memory.
-Common memory types.
-One time programmable (OTP) ROM, Mask program ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, Flash memory, RAM, Cache, Mapping.
-General Purpose Processors.
-Design flow for a typical processors.
-Time division multiplexing (TDM)
-Embedded processors.
-The architecture of typical microcontroller.
-I/O, SIO, Ports, PWM.
-The Handshaking protocol, Strobe protocol.
-Timers, counters, timer in 8051 microcontroller.
-Watchdog timer.
-Interrupts, Timers, 8051 interrupt control system, Daisy chain interrupts.
-DMA controller, transfer types and modes.
-USB, IrDA, AD and DA converters, Analog interfacing.
-Design of embedded processors.
-Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and applications.
-Why do we need FPGA’s?
-Evolution, structural classification.
-Hardware description language (HDL) in full details, verilog in details.
-Embedded communications, Parallel data communication.
-The GPIB bus structure, RS-232, serial communication.
-Network communication, Wireless Communication.
-Embedded System Softwares in detail unit.
-Real time Task scheduling, classifications and more units.
There are still 1000 of topics and many some units that, I ahvn’t listed here. So better to download and the explore in the NITES what you needed.

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