Sunday, December 23, 2012

Engineering Physics Notes VTU

How to score in Physics, are you suffering from this? Then you are in right place to get your problem solved. Scoring in Engineering Physics is not so difficult. This is one of the subjects of 1st year (1st and 2nd sem, C and P cycle) of engineering in which you can score more than 80% if you’ll go through the good books, study materials like notes, video materials and etc. So here we give you a college notes on Engineering Physics from SBMJCE and written by V H Satheeshkumar. So, when I examined the notes, I found five units in it, and language is very easy to understand. This Notes deals with notes on Modern Physics, Quantum mechanics, Electrical conductivity in materials from part A, and from part B Laser, and superconductivity optical fibers. So for the theory, derivations you must follow this, but at the same time you should also follow the books, because human mind has written the notes so there is some possibilities of some errors inside every notes and books. And we don’t want to lose your marks unnecessary.
To download the notes click here or below is download link.

We are very thankful to Satheeshkumar for his effort in helping the students worldwide. thank you sir.

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