Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guidelines to create Project Report in Microsoft Office Word 2003, 2007, 2010, or 2013.

VTU project Guidelines:

1.      You need the software from Microsoft, Known as Microsoft office Enterprise or any other, you can buy this software either from market or from Microsoft’s official website .
2.      After you have the software, install it using product key for full function.
3.      According to me Microsoft office 2007 or 2013 is good for students for making ppt presentations, excel work etc.
4.      So here I’ll show you procedure using Microsoft office 2007.
5.      So now, after installing click on the start button and look for the Microsoft office Word, after finding the same, click on it.
6.      Now your office Word will get started, now you need some setup work, like page layout, margins, size of paper etc.
7.      Project reports should be typed neatly only on one side of the paper with 1.5 or double line spacing on an A4 size bond paper (210 x 297 mm). The margins should be: Left - 1.25", Right - 1", Top and Bottom - 0.75". To understand better watch our video.
8.      Title of the chapter should be centered justified with Font size of 18, Chapter must be justified left or right with Font size 16, section/subsection along with their headings should must be justified left with Font size of 16, Subsection and it’s heading must be justified left with Font size of 14, the body or the text of the report should be justified with Font size of 12.
9.      The organization of report should be in order of Inner Title Page, Abstract or Synopsis, Acknowledgment, Table of Contents, List of Table and figures.

10.  Chapters (to  be  numbered  in  Arabic)  containing  Introduction-,  which  usually 
specifies the scope of work and its importance and relation to previous work and the 
present developments, Main body of the report divided appropriately into chapters, 
sections and subsections.

11.  The last chapter should contain the summary of the work carried, contributions if 
any, their utility along with the scope for further work.
12.  The figures  and  tables  must  be  numbered  chapter  wise  for  e.g.:  Fig.  2.1 Block diagram of a serial binary adder, Table 3.1 Primitive flow table, etc.

For more details regarding the same, we have a well prepared PDF file by Girish in detail about everything that you needed to prepare project report and even after going through the report, you are unable to understand then you can watch our video tutorial on same. Click on the below download button to download it as a PDF.

NOTE: If you still have any problem then watch out our video demonstration explaining the above, by clicking here or Watch on YouTube directly.
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