Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Microcontroller Notes by Arunkumar for 4th Sem Electronics (EC) VTU

Here we are again came with another notes on Microcontroller, one of the easiest and hardest subject of 4th semester electronics by Arunkumar for VTU students and others. Some students find it easy, while more of the students find it difficult. It’ll only be easy for you, if your understanding of programming is good, and if not, then you need to labor hard in this subject. The theory of this subject is also bit different compared to other subjects of Electronics.
So to understand better, you need attention in the lecture/tuition or book in this subject. So if you think your lecturer is not enough to satisfy you in this subject, then you can go for some good books like The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems By MAjidi , NOTES or ask them who you think is good in these subjects.
In this NOTES, Mr. Arunkumar has covered all the major units in easy language, and you can easily score satisfying marks.
For Download the Microcontroller Notes by ArunKumar click click here, or click on the below download button.



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