Thursday, January 17, 2013

Are you scared of Group Discussion? Don’t know how to clear GD?

Then here we came with some solutions for you, below I’m providing a YouTube channel, there you will find hundreds of group discussion topics with discussion in full detail. Day by day you can follow each GD. I found this GD channel the best from all over the net, so I’m providing you and hoping it’ll help you a lot.

As the students of final semester are approaching towards the end and students are willing to appear for the campus recruitment drive. In this campus drive, many students clear their Aptitude paper but get rejected from the GD. So here, YouTube is going to help you in clearing your GD.

One thing I want to tell you, to clear GD, your English Grammar, Word collection and understanding of English should be good, as many times when students go for GD, they do not understand that what topic has been given or say they become unable to translate GD topic in their own language (what generally students do) because of poor English and lack of words. So if your English is weak, then start doing work on it and finally you will be able to crack that.

Here is the link to watch the videos.
Below link will show you a live Interview of a fellow in a company.

One important instruction for you, just don’t go through all the videos you find on YouTube related to the GD. Simply go through the above one that I have provided and which is sufficient.

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