Thursday, March 12, 2015

AS promised… Here we present our website’s new look finally.

Hi all!!
If you are a frequent visitor of our website then you would have felt some problem with the website and web pages since yesterday. So here let me tell you that wasn’t any bug, we were changing our website’s look and feel, we tried to make this site more user friendly by removing some annoying ads, sidebars, and many more.
Now in this new look you can see many things got changed and it has totally a new look. Hope you all will like our new look and design. Some of our friends might not like it also, they think it should be like this and like that….. certainly you can think of so if you are a web developer which I am not, even though i do all the design work or anything by myself.
You might also face few continuous changes till few days because we will keep experimenting few things so that you could have more of contents of this website.
In the sidebar we have placed a Poll regarding what do you think about our website’s new look. So please vote regarding what do you think about this new look by giving 20sec only, because it will matter a lot for us to do the necessary things.
Now we have also introduced a contact form in sidebar, from there you can directly write to us regarding any of your query, doubts and Suggestions.


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