Friday, March 20, 2015

Guys yet another news: We have also got the .COM domain; Now visit our website state forward at your best practice .COM i.e,

Hi Friends,

We here at CITYSTUDENTSGROUP managed to get the .com domain name which were not available earlier, as written by me in my back post and at that time i had written that we are not on .COM domain name unfortunately. But today we managed to get the .COM domain name of our website and it’s now as well, as we are much addicted to .COM so sometime we write .com in spite of .net or .in or and gets forwarded to other website. That’s the reason we were so desperate to get the .COM domain name of our website.

So Now CITYSTUDENTSGROUP has now 3 websites-

  1. (Now this URL will show an error message, so go for first or 2nd option)

Now as we got the .COM domain name so we are planning to terminate our previous domain name that is .IN or as it costs money per month to the host and CITYSTUDENTSGROUP can’t manage to have 2 domains at a time because of financial problems.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused due to the change of domain. 

So feel free to Donate us as little as INR 50 using your almost any of your Indian Debit Card/Credit Card/ Net Banking, or the maximum value whatever you like so that using this amount we can make this website more useful and can pay the monthly charges to the host. You Can Donate by clicking the Donate button from the right sidebar or click on below. A little donation from you would be appreciated.



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