Monday, March 9, 2015

Habit to “GIVE”, Redesign of our website soon, Write for citystudentsgroup and grab prizes and many more.

Hello friends,
Soon we are going to update our website citystudentsgroup with a new design and looks and user friendly for the students, we are also planning to remove unnecessary things from our website. We are planning to invite the students to write for  anyone interested to do so can either mail me at or soon we are going to create a form for this, I believe you people will come forward and join this. In this category you can write article on “How to?” , provide study materials, Notes, Best books, lab manual etc and get some prizes, Mobile recharges and many more for your every good articles. So get prepared for this, and make sure if you are planning to write anything or providing a study material, It’s not violating the copyright issue of any other website, it means you are not supposed to copy an article or download link from a website and paste it here, if anyone would do so, he/she will be banned and won’t get anything for his/her Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. So in order to eliminate this issue we at citystudentsgroup will moderate your article first and then will post it with your Name and details. You send your article by mail in the format of Heading of your article first, Then your content, if anything you want to give for download then in attachment use that document and send us on the above given email id. So what thing would be best to post here is, an study material from your college/University/Coaching Classes/Schools if available in soft copy, old year papers, and your articles related to study like, how to score good marks in exam?, How to study? Best books/Notes etc or whatever you think would be better to write. DON’T MAKE A HABIT OF “ALWAYS TAKE” MAKE A HABIT OF “GIVE” ALSO. So what you will give here? It’s your experience to the juniors. Hope you would love to do this work. If you have any query related to this, then please ask me on the above given email id. Thanks.

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