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Design and Analysis of Algorithms DAA Notes for 4th Semester Computer Science (CS)/IS Students.

Here is another Notes accompanied to you by citystudentsgroup on subject Design and Analysis of Algorithms sometime also referred as DAA in students of understudies.

As always, this Notes also covers all the units of the subject in easy language. Second year always gives some shock to students if you are not serious. So be focused on your studies when you are in 2nd year or say 3rd and 4th semester of your understudies, as the level of education or say syllabus abruptly gets higher, resulting few students couldn’t take it and gets back in the so called tough or not interested subjects. So for them this Notes would help in his studies for sure.

As always below is unit details covered in this Notes-

I always suggests my understudies friends that, follow the prescribed book and Notes at the same time.


Unit-1: Introduction

Unit-2: Divide & Conquer

Unit-3: The Greedy Method

Unit-4: Dynamic Programming


Unit-5: Decrease –and-conquer approaches, space –time trade-off

Unit-6: Limitations of algorithmic power and coping with them

Unit-7: Coping with limitations of algorithmic power

Unit-8: PRAM Algorithm

Hope this Notes would fulfil your needs, otherwise search our website for the Notes on the same subject or on others.

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Download The Notes on DAA by clicking on the download button below-

DAA Notes


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