Sunday, May 3, 2015

Field Theory FT Notes for Electrical and Electronics Students 3rd/4th Semester VTU, Field Theory-FT VTU Notes

Dear Friends,

Today i came with the most important subject of 2nd year of engineering and which is Field Theory or most of the time abbreviated as FT.

This is the subject in which students got scared a lot because of so many reason like, If your subject lecturer is not good or you are not able to understand the subject. But i will tell you one thing for those who have studied Electrostat in their PUC or 12th standard and understood the subject, so for them it won’t be a difficult task to clear the subject as both are almost same, but one who couldn’t understand the subject Electrostat, for them it would be a difficult task if you will already make up your mind that “ I couldn’t learn this subject”. So don’t make your way of pretending or avoiding the subject as your mind makeup.

Think that i can learn this. And to help you in this journey here we came with the Notes on the same subject from SJBIT. Hope tis Notes could help you to understand the subject.

FT Notes

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