Monday, October 19, 2015

Optical Fibre Communication OFC Notes By Arun Kumar Sir.

One of the said to be difficult subject among last year students which is Optical Fibre Communication (OFC) for 7th Semester VTU.
Units are Updated: 02-12-2015
Hello Dear friends,
Hope You all are doing well in your studies and hope our Notes by Dearest Professors and our site are helping you in your studies. On this another day we are back with another Notes on one of the very good subject OFC. This Notes is written by-
Prof. Arun Kumar G of E&C Dept. STJIT, Ranebennur     & Prof. Spoorti J Jainar of E&C Dept. KLEIT, Hubli.
As told, This very Notes covers Unit-1 & Unit-5 of the subject. OFC is that subject among student’s of late semester which is supposed to bit different in interest compare to other subjects but, very important for the purpose of Science and Technology, I would say develop your interest in this subject and remaining thing the Notes and your reference book will do.
So go ahead without any fear to take this subject and Download this Notes from below Download button.
Citystudentsgroup would like to Thanks Arun Kumar Sir  Spoorti Mam for this lovely Notes.
Thank You.


  1. I think you should change your website template ...because its not easy to find proper things which we want. is mine wesite

  2. This is such nice note.thanks to citystudengroup, to Arun Kumar sir & to spoorti ma'am.
    I have one requisite If the complete subject note uploaded it will be much better for us. Or at least 5 units . thanks

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