Thursday, February 4, 2016

Basic Electronics Handwritten Notes By Prof. Shashidhar TM for 1st year students VTU

Dear Students,
We have another nice handwritten full notes of Basic Electronics sent by Assistant Prof. Shashidhar TM at SP College of Engineering, Bengaluru. While going through the Notes out review team found it to be very nice notes written in full detail and in easy to understand language along with unit wise Question Bank at last.

The advantages of these kind of notes always comes in favor of students in many purposes like the handwritten notes always gives a feeling of our own written notes not like hundreds of paragraph written in books and thinking what to read and what to left for a good notes.

So these kind of notes always help in skipping the above dilemma, and can score really good in exams.
I want to congratulate you for having these kind of notes and also would like to thanks Prof. Shashidhar TM for his help by providing such a nice Notes.

Download Notes from below given button and enjoy.

Do let us know the feedback at our email id or

If you want to give feedback for this Notes directly to Prof. Shashidhar TM then send him an email quoting same at his email id

 BE Notes Download

This Notes has been brought to you exclusively by citystudentsgroup.

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