Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Field Theory (FT) Handwritten Notes by Shashidhar T M for 3/4th sem ECE & EEE , VTU

Following continuity, we are here with another handwritten Notes on one of the difficult subject mean to be in students by Shashidhar T.M, Astt. Prof, Dept. of E&C, SPCE, Bengaluru.quantummatrix-640x354
First of all I congratulate you for having such a nice notes on many subjects from our great Lecturers, moreover i would also like to thanks each and every lecturer who keeps sending us his relentless work in the form of handwritten Notes to help all the understudies around this globe.
Among many students, there is big misconception regarding dificulty level of this paper, which is not all to all right, yes but if this subject is out of your interest then believe me you are not gonna clear it untill and unless something mirracle happens. Hence, we are providing you this Notes so that you could have great deal on this subject by reading it and solving the Numericals. Don’t get panic. Nothing is as difficult as human. We all can do this. All the Best!!!
Please share your feedback, our email id is and if you want to give feedback related to this notes directly to Shashidhar sir then send him an email on his email id
Thank You.


  1. I really prefer such notes which have an easy vocabulary that makes it easy to understand the basic concept of topic in physics. I really liked these notes!


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